Los Angeles County
Youth Commissioner

Peer Advocate with
Children’s Law
Center of California.

Ricardo Ortega For
34th District:
Los Angeles,
San Bernardino,
Kern Counties


About Ricardo Ortega

Ricardo Ortega Martinez Jr. is a Peer Advocate with the Children’s Law Center of California. He is currently the inaugural Los Angeles County Youth Commissioner, representing over 2.2 million young people, and a member of the California Youth Connection Member Executive Commission.

Ricardo has also served as a member of the Mental Health Board for Transitional Age Youth in the State of California. He holds the distinction of being the youngest commissioner to serve on both the Civil Service Commission in the city of Huntington Park and the Immigration Commission under Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson in the 65th District of the State of California.

On December 2nd, 2017, he was recognized as a Young Senator by State Senator Ricardo Lara for completing the 33rd Senate District Young Senators Program.

As a former foster youth, Ricardo worked on AB 2247-Place to Call Home at the age of 17, creating stability for foster youth placements across California. At 20, he worked on AB 46-California Youth Empowerment Commission, promoting civic engagement for California’s youth.

Ricardo served as President for the Los Angeles chapter of California Youth Connection, joined their Legislative and Policy Committee, and gained work experience with the Chamber of Commerce in Florence-Firestone, Walnut Park, and Lynwood.

Policy Issues

  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Public Resources

The High Desert is a hidden jewel, offering numerous opportunities for sustainable economic growth, affordable land, and the chance to re-establish our middle class. We can improve the overall well-being of our community by creating solutions to lower working families’ grocery, housing, and fuel costs. My vision is for the High Desert to become the renewable energy capital, providing manufacturing jobs and transportation opportunities.

The High Desert’s economic growth, public safety, and quality of life are hindered by limited critical infrastructure investment. If elected, my priority will be to address this issue by focusing on our roads, bridges, utilities like water supply and sewage systems, expanded highways, improved broadband, and enhanced transportation opportunities.

I am a firm believer that every member of our community should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. It is crucial that we have well-equipped facilities in the High Desert that can effectively treat trauma, pediatrics, and other emergency issues. It is simply unfair for anyone to have to be flown to another hospital for critical care. If elected, I am committed to tirelessly working towards the allocation of our tax-paying dollars into our community to improve the quality of healthcare. This includes advocating for funding to expand community clinics and enhance our existing healthcare facilities.

Having experienced the foster care system myself, I recognize the importance of improving our child welfare system and community resources for various groups in our community, including veterans, foster care, seniors, crime victims, and individuals with special needs. My commitment lies in advocating for resources and implementing comprehensive reforms to ensure that we offer support to these community members when they need it the most. It is crucial that we invest in our community members to empower them to become self-reliant and achieve success.

34th Assembly District

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